Dirt Bike 2

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Dirt Bike 2

Stunt Dirt Bike 2 will test your biking skills in one of the most dangerous rocky terrains around. Some obstacles you can jump over whilst others require you to ride the bike slowly. The bike is very agile and can easy crash or topple over. Make sure you tackle obstacles and do not crash or over spin! Balance is key, driving at high speeds will make it hard to keep the stunt dirt bike 2 balanced so make sure you keep your fingers on the direction arrows and get ready to jump. A timeline at the bottom of the screen will help you keep track of your bikes progress in each level. Reach the flag at the end of each course to proceed to the next and more challenging level. The bike is very hard to handle at first, but do not give up, a few attempts later you'll be riding it like a pro. Don't worry if you crash the stunt dirt bike 2, the game will just as quickly restart and allow you to get the stunt dirt bike back on track and moving again. By using the arrow directions on your keyboard/table you can maneuver the stunt dirt bike 2 up down and even include some spins for acrobatic displays. Try land with 2 wheels of the dirt bike on the ground otherwise you risk bouncing back and even flipping forward! Don't forget to add your high score and time so you can stay on top of the leaderboard and compete with friends and the FreeOnlineGames.ie community. Warning: HIGHLY addictive! Other similar games include: Dirt Bike 3 | Dune Bashing | Dare Devil

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